Michael Ray 
Intergalactic Research Tone Scientist

A renowned international trumpeter Michael Ray is a seasoned jazz-funk musician who has had stellar runs with Patti LaBelle, The Delfonics, The Stylistics, Kool and the Gang, Sun Ra Arkestra, and many other legendary bands. 

The stage comes ablaze with color and light as Michael Ray & The Cosmic Krewe take their places amidst a bewildering array of instruments and pulsing neon sculptures of strange design.

Multiple percussion stations, electronic keyboards, a set of steel pans on their stand, a grand piano, a set of traps, and a front line of trumpet, alto saxophone and valve trombone come into play, entering the musical fray with yelps of glee and moans and smears of rapture.

“This is dedicated to Sun Ra!” the brilliantly garbed trumpet man shouts, and first the piano, then an alto saxophone explodes out of the arrangement to blast its way across the harmonic sky, thundering and twisting the scales something fierce, scraping rhythms across counter-rhythms in the mode of the master himself, Mr. Marshall Allen.

There’s a lot of the late Sun Ra in Michael Ray & The Cosmic Krewe. Deeply based in the Sun Ra concept of Cosmo-Drama, or jazz as performance art with a message, the Cosmic Krewe has developed out of the broad musical experience of trumpet man, composer and producer Michael Ray to bring us what its leader calls “Jazz Funk From The Future―representing the other side of the boundary of the last possibility.”

A professional musician for more than forty years, this Trenton, New Jersey native has simultaneously mined every side of the of international music scene since the late 1970's playing his supersonic jazz/funk/future trumpet as the Intergalactic Research Tone Scientist with Sun Ra & His Arkestra, prancing around to the funky sounds of tho platinum-selling, stadium-filling, hella killer horn driven Grammy Award winning R&B/Funk best-sellers, Kool & the Gang and many other world-wide phenomenons.

Ray returned to tour with Kool & the Gang after a 10 year stint in New Orleans. While there he immersed himself in a funk of a different order. In New Orleans Michael experimented with an ever-expanding pool of musicians―more than 40 cats, to create a cosmic ensemble that could fuse the many sides of his musical personality into a new synthesis of Supersonic future and funk.

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