Cosmic Krewe is the brain child of Master Trumpeter Michael Ray.  

The stage comes to life with supersonic sound, glittering lights and cosmic pageantry as the musician congregate and prepare for their leader, the Intergalactic Research Tone Scientist, Michael Ray, to lead them into the promised Cosmos.

Multi-percussion stations, synthesizers, keys of all sorts, drums, a front line of trumpets, saxophones and various other horns, with a sexy sassy funky classy bluesy jazzy cosmic vocalist all consecutively come into play. Each entering the musical fray with precision and unadulterated rapture.

There's a lot of Sun Ra in Michael Ray and the Cosmic Krewe. Deeply based in the 

Sun Ra concept of Cosmo-Drama, or jazz as performance art with a message, Cosmic Krewe has developed out of the broad musical experience of trumpet man, composer and producer Michael Ray to bring us what it's leader calls "Jazz Funk of the Future - representing the other side of the boundary of the last possibility."

John Sinclair - OffBeat Magazine
Funk If I Know
Cosmic Krewe (Funk If I Know)